Gold Membership Benefits

  • Gold members properties will appear in the top section of visitors searches above the basic entries.
  • To make them stand out each will display a thumbnail photo on search results pages.
  • A Visitors Statistics page so you can see how many people are sending you emails from your entry.
  • Your details page will be reviewed by us and we will do our best to improve the content and layout to ensure you maximize your appeal.

All this only £39.99 per year

An example of the benefits of a Gold B&B membership visit :-

To sign up a property for the Gold Membership
please send a cheque made payable to "Anyroadup ltd"

for £39.99 (inc vat)

to : B&B Directory - Gold Membership
31 Parkside Avenue
Long Eaton
NG10 4AN

Please write the name and address of your B&B on the back of the cheque.

(Please allow 10-14 days for processing)

For more details on any on these please drop me a line click here