Bed and Breakfast Properties by names....

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'J D Young Hotel' - Harleston  
'J&j Bed And Breakfast' - Ballycastle  
'J'vern(overnight Stays)' - Gloucester  
'J. Patrick House Bed & Breakfast Inn' - Cambria  
'J.d.young' - Harleston  
'Jabajak Country Retreat And Restaurant' - Whitland  
'Jacaranda Bed And Breakfast' - Balgowlah  
'Jacks Cafe' - Ipswich  
'Jackson Fork Inn' - Huntsville  
'Jackson House Bed And Breakfast' - Railroad  
'Jacksons Hotel' - Ballybofey  
'Jacksonville Plaza Hotel And Suites' - Jacksonville  
'Jacobs Court' - York  
'Jadellas' - Scarborough  
'Jam Hotel' - Brussels  
'Jamaica Inn' - Bolventor  
'James Cottage' - Crieff  
'James Cottage Guest House' - Crieff  
'James Guest House' - Coleshill  
'Janet`s B And B' - Stanmore  
'Jannel B&b' - Stornoway  
'Jardine Apartment @ Cairn Dhu House' - Stornoway  
'Jarvis Hayes B&b' - Exeter  
'Jasmine Cottage' - Glastonbury  
'Jasmine Guest House' - Bridlington  
'Jasmine House' - Newquay  
'Jasmine House Bed & Breakfast' - Lutterworth  
'Jasmine House Bed And Breakfast!' - Newquay  
'Jasper Knights Guest House' - Swanage  
'Jay Cottage' - Lynton  
'Jays Mayfair' - Blackpool  Blackpool  
'Jays Mayfair Blackpool' - Blackpool  
'Jazz On South Beach Hostel' - Miami Beach  
'Jazz On The Park Hostel' - New York  
'Jazz On The Town Hostel' - New York  
'Jazz On Times Square Hostel' - New York  
'Jeakes House' - Rye  
'Jean-lee Guest Cottages' - Pietermaritzburg  
'Jedburgh Guest House' - Cleethorpes  
'Jeffersons Hotel & Apartments' - Barrow In Furness  
'Jenkin Hill Cottage Guest House' - Keswick  
'Jenkinson's Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast' - Longridge, Nr. Preston  
'Jenny's B & B' - Welwyn Garden City  
'Jerichos Boutique Accommodation' - Windermere  
'Jersey Farm Hotel' - Barnard Castle  
'Jersey Villa Guest House' - Warwick  
'Jesmond Dene' - Blackpool  
'Jesmond Dene Hotel' - London  
'Jesmond Dene House' - Newcastle Upon Tyne  
'Jesmond Hotel' - Newcastle Upon Tyne  
'Jessamine House' - Northfleet  
'Jessop House - Bed & Breakfast' - Tewkesbury  
'Jessop House Hotel' - Tewkesbury  
'Jewel Of The Canyons Bed And Breakfast Inn' - Canon City  
'Jewells Guest Accommodation' - Plymouth  
'Jewells Guest House' - Plymouth  
'Jingles' - Emsworth  
'Jireh House' - Yarmouth  
'Joe’s Beerhouse' - Windhoek  
'Johnby Hall' - Penrith  
'Johnstown House Hotel' - Enfield  
'Joined-up Holidays' - Bishop Auckland  
'Jollies Hotel' - Blackpool  
'Jolly Brewers' - Cambridge  
'Jolly Brewers Free House Inn' - Bishops Stortford  
'Jolly's Of Goodrich' - Ross-on-wye  
'Jollys Of Goodrich' - Ross-on-wye  
'Jolly’s Hotel Wetherspoon Hotel' - Broughty Ferry  
'Jolyon's At The Bay' - Cardiff  
'Jolyon's Boutique Hotel' - Cardiff  
'Jonti Bed And Breakfast' - Corfe Castle  
'Jordani Bed & Breakfast' - Windhoek  
'Jorvik Hotel' - York  
'Josephs Amazing Camels B&b' - Idlicote  
'Josy B&b' - Flesselles  
'Josy’s B&b' - Flesselles  
'Journeys Brighton' - Brighton & Hove  
'Journeys Greenwich West Hostel' - London  
'Jubilee Hotel' - London  
'Jubilee House' - Eastcote, Silverstone, Towcest  Alnwick  
'Judds Folly Hotel' - Faversham  
'Judges Hotel' - Yarm  
'Judges Lodgings Hotel' - York  
'Judith Hill' - Tewkesbury  
'Judy Guest House' - Edinburgh  
'Jufa Hotel Graz City***' - Graz  
'Julesy’s Bnb' - Cospicua  
'Julie's B & B' - Corby  
'Juliots Well Holiday Park' - Camelford  
'Jumeirah Carlton Tower' - London  
'Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel' - London  
'June's B&b' - Watford  
'Jurys Hinckley Island Hotel' - Hinckley  
'Jurys Inn Aberdeen' - Aberdeen  
'Jurys Inn Aberdeen Airport' - Dyce  
'Jurys Inn Belfast' - Belfast  
'Jurys Inn Birmingham' - Birmingham  
'Jurys Inn Bradford' - Bradford  
'Jurys Inn Brighton' - Brighton & Hove  
'Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront' - Brighton & Hove  
'Jurys Inn Cardiff' - Cardiff  
'Jurys Inn Cheltenham' - Cheltenham  
'Jurys Inn Derby' - Derby  
'Jurys Inn East Midlands Airport' - East Midlands Airport  
'Jurys Inn Edinburgh' - Edinburgh  
'Jurys Inn Exeter' - Exeter  
'Jurys Inn Glasgow' - Glasgow  
'Jurys Inn Inverness' - Inverness  
'Jurys Inn Leeds' - Leeds  
'Jurys Inn Liverpool' - Liverpool  
'Jurys Inn London Croydon' - Croydon  
'Jurys Inn London Heathrow' - Hounslow  
'Jurys Inn London Holborn' - London  
'Jurys Inn London Watford' - Watford  
'Jurys Inn Manchester City Centre' - Manchester  
'Jurys Inn Middlesbrough' - Middlesbrough  
'Jurys Inn Milton Keynes' - Milton Keynes  
'Jurys Inn Newcastle' - Newcastle Upon Tyne  
'Jurys Inn Newcastle Gateshead Quays' - Newcastle Upon Tyne  
'Jurys Inn Nottingham' - Nottingham  
'Jurys Inn Plymouth' - Plymouth  
'Jurys Inn Sheffield' - Sheffield  
'Jurys Inn Southampton' - Southampton  
'Jurys Inn Swindon' - Swindon  
'Jurys Oxford Hotel' - Oxford  
'Just A B' - Winchester  Winchester  
'Just So Cottage' - Winslow  
'Just So Cottage Boutique Bed & Breakfast' - Winslow  
'Jutta`s Bed & Breakfast' - Helmsdale  

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